how to use Google keyword planner for keyword research [All steps]

Google keyword planner is free to use for keyword research with Google account.Most people do not know that Google AdWords can be used as a keyword research tool.Google AdWords basically an ad creating tool for Google network and its partners.I am using Google keyword planner for my all keyword research activities.

Follow all given step to do keyword research in a proper way using Google Keyword Planner.

Step1: Open using the browser and sign in.

Open your browser and type into the address bar and hit enter to open Google Keyword Planner.You will see Google AdWords home page.Now login using your google account.You can create a new account in case you haven’t google account using create Google account link. Signing In is a very easy process so here I assumed that you are now logged into your Google Adwords account.And you are ready to plan a new keyword for your very first planned Post.

Step2: Move to Tools > keyword planner

After logging in you will be redirected to Google AdWords Dashboard.You will see home, Campaigns, Opportunities, Reports, and tools.

These all options have different functions but we here focus only on google keyword Planner.


On Google AdWords Dashboard move to Tools and click on it.A drop down list will open.Now Click on keyword planner.

Step3: Choose Keyword Planning method


On Google keyword Planner Screen you will get three methods for Keywords.Click on first Option Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.Second Option is for getting search volume data of any particular keyword.The third Option is for multiplying given keywords to get a new keyword.Google has also started keyword forecasts for already created ad Campaigns.

Step4: Enter Topic or Words to get keyWord Ideas.


In product or service box enter your topic or word for which you want to plan a keyword or want to get search volume data.You can leave your landing page empty and also you can choose your product category if you are a particular business. By default, it will include all categories to your result.If your audience from a particular country, you can choose it from select location drop-down.Select preferred language and don’t forget to select Google and Search partners. If all set, then hit Get Ideas Button to see the result.

Step5: Choose the best keyword From result.


Now you move to Keyword ideas tab to see Keyword ideas and their average monthly search volume data.You will also able to see competition for every keyword.

Now the question is how to choose the best keyword for your post? here is the answer.Choose a keyword that has a low competition and at least has average 300 or greater monthly searches.Low competition keywords are easy to rank in search engines.

All the best for your very first keyword.

If you have any query, Don’t forget to comment.