bitcoin price prediction 2018-$10000

Here is Bitcoin price prediction for The year 2018.

Bitcoin price prediction according to the Waveform.

bitcoin price prediction

January 2018 BTC price prediction

In 2018 predicted Open Bitcoin price about to be 4554 USD in January.It may fluctuate by 3% in negative or positive.At the end of January price may move up to 5561 USD. There may be a predicted +15% change in the first month of the year 2018.The average price will be 5056 USD for The Month.

February 2018 BTC price prediction

In the second month of the year, a price change up to -9% may be seen. and the price will drop to 4364 USD.The average price will be 4977 USD for the month February with a peak price of 5250 USD.

March 2018 BTC price prediction

Begining price for the month will be 4702 USD.Peak/maximum predicted price for the third month of the year 2018 be 5902 USD and minimum will be 4702USD .The average price will move around 5190 USD.At the end of the month, the price would able move to the recoverable value of 5450 USD.Total price change of 15% will be seen in month march.

April 2018 BTC price prediction

According to the waveform analysis, the price will be more stable in the fourth month of the year 2018. a minor change in price may occur in this month the beginning price will be 5450 USD. The predicted maximum price 5858 USD and minimum 5078 USD.Average price for the month will be 5440USD and at the end of the month price 5455 USD. A minor change 0.22% can be seen.

May 2018 BTC price prediction

In the fifth month of the year 2018, the BTC price will cross the $6000 line and will move to the maximum value of  6760 USD while minimum value remains 5455 USD. The average price for the month will be 5990USD and at the end of the month, bitcoin will get the value of 6320USD with a change of16%.

June 2018 BTC price prediction

The price growth in June will be slower than may with the percentage change of 7.In June Bitcoin will begin with 6320USD. The maximum price for the month may touch 7220USD latter it may fall to 6277USD.The average price will be 6650 USD.And at the end of the month will rise up to 6750 USD.

July 2018 BTC price prediction

July will be a good month for BTC/USD traders as predictions are showing greater price rise in this July BTC  will cross the $8000 line and move to the maximum price of 8250 USD.The minimum value of Bitcoin price Predicted will be 6747 USD.The average price will move around 7370 USD. At the end of the month, BTC will move to 7720 USD with a percentage change of 15%.

August 2018 BTC price prediction

Bitcoin will begin with 7720 USD in August and will rise up to the predicted maximum value of 8792 USD and the minimum value of 7640 USD.Average will remain 8092 for the month August. At the end of the month, BTC will get a value of 8220 USD with a change of 6.5%.

September 2018 BTC price prediction

I recommend traders to trade BTC in sell direction in the 9th month of the year 2018.In September BTC price will start dropping.Bitcoin in September will start with the price of 8220 USD and drop to the 7000 USD.The maximum will be 8220 USD. The average price for the month will be 7750 USD.At the end of the month, BTC gets price 7530 USD with change for the month  -8%.

October 2018 Bitcoin price prediction

Bitcoin price will keep falling in the month October again I recommend traders to trade long in sell direction. The price for the beginning of October 7530 USD. The predicted maximum price 7544 USD and minimum 6555 USD. Average price for month 7160 USD. Bitcoin at the end 7048USD, change for October -6.58%.

November 2018 Bitcoin price prediction

In November month Bitcoin price will start rising.The beginning price for November will be7048 USD.In this month traders should trade BTC/USD pair in Buy direction.BTC maximum price will be 8740 USD and BTC minimum price will be 7030 USD.The average price will be 7750 USD.With a change of 16% at the end of the month bitcoin again cross $8000 line and reach to 8170 USD.

December 2018 Bitcoin price prediction

In December Bitcoin price will keep rising at the same rate buy direction trades will be more profitable.Beginning price for December 8170 USD.The predicted maximum bitcoin price for December 10120 USD.Minimum price 8170 USD.Average Price for the month will be 9000 USD.At the end of the month, bitcoin get 9480 USD value with a change of 16%.

Disclaimer: This is the prediction for Bitcoin price according to the waveform analysis, actual price may differ from the predicted price.

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